Southern Belle


Hello Poshpeople!


Hope you are enjoying this wonderful summer as much as I am. This past weekend I traveled to the lovely city of Savannah, Georgia for my cousins wedding on 8/18/18 (that date was very popular this year for weddings).  August being one of the hottest months of summer, in the south you expect it to be sweltering , and it certainly was this time of year.



To keep cool during my visit I decided on wearing light colors, and light fabrics. I usually dread humid climates because I tend to perspire alot, so in order to avoid sweat embarrassment I dress accordingly.



On my instastory I did  a poll on this look to see if my followers wanted the full details on this complete outfit. 92% voted Yes, so as requested here are the details below.



White Tank $17




Linen Shorts  $9 On Sale

They are sold out now, but you can find a similar pair at Zara here.



  Quay Sunglasses $21 (Sale)


The Bucket Bag I am wearing is no longer available, but this bag would go great with this look as well.


I enjoy shopping as you know by now, this cool outfit was definitely a steal. I loved that it was lightweight and comfy, so I felt at ease as I navigated through the Savannah streets during my vacation.


Would you rock this outfit this summer?  Let us know below what you wear to keep cool in the summer months.


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