MIAMI SWIM WEEK: The Best and the Worst of the Week


Miami Swim Week just concluded this week, and there are lots of things to discuss! Our favorite swimwear designers definitely brought the heat to Miami with their smoking hot collections. If you missed Miami Swim Week, we listed our favorite and our not so favorite looks from the runway.

Sizzling on the Runway

Mint Swim


Photo Credit: Received July 23, 2016

Without a doubt, our favorite Basketball Housewife cast member/actress Draya Michele has one of the hottest swimwear companies. She didn’t disappoint this season either! Our first look comes from her 2017 collection. We love the tropical print with the sexy tie front for this monokini.

If you want to see more from Draya’s runway show, check out the link below.



Photo Credit: Received July 23, 2016

Our next sizzler from Miami Swim Week comes from Peruvian designer Lisseth Figuero. We love this sexy one piece with the small cut outs and animal print detailing. It seems that one piece suits are the new hottest style and are here to stay!

Check out more of Lisseth’s show here:

Lee and Lani


Photo Credit: Received July 23, 2016

Power duo Lisa Marie Pascuccio and Alana Ault are behind the sexy swimwear brand, Lee and Lani. During this years’ Miami Swim Week, the brand definitely brought the sexy to Miami. We love this black sizzling two piece cap sleeve bikini. This swimsuit was the show stopper of the whole collection!

To see more show-stopping pieces from Lee and Lani check out below:

Keva J


Photo Credit: Received July 23, 2016

Keva J’s 2017 collection heated up the runway in Miami. We love this twist on a white bikini brought to you buy the Jamaican designer. You can see the island culture reflected in her swimwear line with the colors and prints used. This swimsuit will look great on the sunny beach.

If you missed the show, we’ve got you covered. Here is more!



Photo Credit: Received July 23, 2016

Last but not least, this trio is one of our favorite sizzlers of the week. Swimwear line Hot as Hell makes swimwear family oriented and just so darn cute. We love the idea of matching swimwear for the family. How cute is this mommy and me floral design swimsuit?  Mommy and daughter fashionistas are making the summer extra fun!

To see more looks check out the runway show here:



Lycra Swim


Photo Credit: Received July 23, 2016

Lycra Moves Swim is one of our fizzlers of the week. We are not quite sure what look the designers were going for here. There is just way too much going on with this swimsuit; maybe the prints or even the colors. Less is more or better when it comes to this suit.

Frankie’s Bikinis


Photo Credit: Received July 23, 2016

Frankie’s Bikinis 2017 Collection at Miami Swim also fizzled this year. We love the carefree spirit of the women on the runway, but we are wondering where the actual swimsuit is on this model.

Profile by Gotex


Photo Credit: Received July 23, 2016

Profile by Gotex was disappointing with this look. The lack of shape and style left much to be desired.



Photo Credit: Received July 23, 2016

Versakini is typically a cute brand when it comes to swimwear, but with this look, it gives us mermaid vibes. The actual swim suit underneath is cute, but the pants have to go! Not sure what the goal of this look was, but we think this one needs to go on fizzle list.

Cirone Swim


Photo Credit: Received July 23, 2016

Cirone Swim fizzled at Miami Swim Week as well. This look from the collection is way too revealing for the beach or pool, and the half skirt doesn’t do much for this look. It was a good take on something different, but it just did not make the cut.


Overall we are excited about the next swimwear season. There were more hits than misses.

Which look did you think sizzled and fizzled this year? Which swimwear Collection is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.


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