Blazer Season


Hello PoshPeople!

I know I said I would blog more often earlier this summer, but I’m totally failing you (Please Don’t Hold It Against Me). Sis is trying, I am sis. I need to set a schedule weekly that includes blogging that I can actually stick to. My struggle in life definitely comes from planning, I am the worst when it comes to planning in advance. I am the queen of procrastination, but I am work in progress so please bear with me :) .

Enough of my rant, lets get back to why you are here! Lets talk fashion - Blazer Season. My second favorite season (Summer is my favorite) is Fall. The cool crisp air of fall calls for lightweight layers. If your like me and live in New York City or the north east you know that the temperatures vary during the day. In the morning it can be 65 degrees, and by lunchtime it is 85 degrees, then back down to 60 in the evening.


The best way to look chic while the temperature fluctuates is to add layer. My go to in the Fall is a good structured blazer. If you follow me on INSTAGRAM you probably saw my blazer moment post. Blazers are definitely one of my staple pieces.


I paired my closet staple from THE POSHPEOPLE my distressed shorts with an olive green blazer I scored on sale for $15 bucks at H&M . My entire look costs under $150 (minus my vintage Fendi bag). Unfortunately, the blazer is sold out, but if you want to get a similar look check out my deets below.


Fendi Bag


Don’t you just love good blazer moment? Would you rock this look? Let me know below.

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This Seasons Must Have : The Slip Dress


Hello PoshPeople,


How was your weekend? This summer is flying by, so I hope you’re out here taking advantage of this great weather. When the sun is out we must show some skin and take in that Vitamin D. A great way to keep cool and look great is to wear comfy clothes that allows the skin to breathe.

My favorite go to item in the summer is a dress. I literally wear dresses 90% of the time in the summer. Thankfully, dresses are always on trend. One of this summers must haves is the slip dress. This look is not only sexy it is also very comfortable. Luckliy for us all of your favorite stores and boutiques carry this item in all sizes.


Last week while visiting Toronto, I packed one of my favorite slip dresses that I scored online for $28. Yes, thats right $28! ! I love shopping for high end and low end pieces and mixing them together. This dress was perfect for the occasion, which was lunch with friends after a long day of chipping down the road for Caribana. Don’t be fooled though, most of the day I wore white uptowns. Want to know where I scored my entire look for under $100? Check out the details below.

Leopard Print Dress.jpg

Elephant Bracelet $13

What do you think about the slip dress and my look? Would you wear one? Let me know in the comment section below.

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Hot Girl Summer Dress

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Hello PoshPeople!!

I know, I know, it’s been way too long since my last blog post. Moment of transparency: I am extremely horrible at planning and scheduling time to tackle tasks on my to- do list. From here on out I am COMMITTING (YES I said committing) to blogging once a week. Yeah I know its a pretty aggressive goal, but I am up for the challenge. I’m hoping this will put a fire under my butt to get my blogging life back on track. This is also a way for my PoshPeople to hold me accountable for this weekly commitment.

With that being said, How is your summer going? Are you having a city girl summer, hot girl summer, or Amerie summer? As for me its been a pretty low key hot girl summer..LOL. This past weekend I traveled to Toronto with my hot girl summer spirit to play mas at Caribana. If you follow my Instagram Page you saw my Hot Girl Summer in full effect.

Once Carnival was over and the events of the weekend were winding down, I planned on taking a few shots in my favorite looks during my visit. After traveling back ho to NYC safely, I posted a poll on my instastory to find out if my PoshPeople wanted a detailed blog on one of my favorite looks from the weekend. Peep the results below!


I just love my PoshPeople and how they are here for my fashions..LOL! Now for the good stuff. I scored this entire look for under $100. YES UNDER $100!! Check out the full details below.


Lauren Print Dress By The PoshPeople



$15.99 (SOLD OUT)


Similar Bag By Amazon



The shoes pictured were purchased 2 years ago for $10 on sale and are no longer available anywhere online, but here are similar finds.

Chunky Heeled Clear Mule By SHEIN



Black Ankle Strap BY ZMORI


Don’t you just love a bomb look for the low? If you’re like me and love to shop on sale you know how good it feels to snag a deal. Would you rock this cute hot girl summer look? Let me know below in the comments. Thanks to ALL of my PoshPeople who voted. Stay Posh!!

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Metallics have taken over the fashion scene.  If you are browsing your favorite fashion magazine or shopping in your favorite store, you will see the metallic trend. Designers have added metallics to their collections this season, and we just love it!

Need ideas on how to incorporate the metallic trend into your wardrobe? Well, you’re in the right place! The fashion team at EGL is here to help.

Are you a casual girl who wants to just add a statement piece to your closet without breaking the bank? Check out this Metallic Windbreaker from Rainbow Shops

Metallic Track Jacket



Not only is it cute and comfy, but it’s also priced for a steal at $20. You can’t beat that price. This jacket is definitely a must-have.

If you don’t mind spending a little more for this trend to add to your closet, then this coat is for you. Shearling Coats are very popular and on-trend during the colder months, and this Missguided Metallic Shearling Coat combines both trends for you.

Missguided Metallic Coat


Priced under $100 is a steal for this coat. If you don’t grab this coat, you will be missing out!

Curvy Ladies don’t worry we have you covered as well. Moto jackets are perfect for dressing up or dressing down an outfit. This Metallic Moto Jacket from Elloquii is just what you need.

Metallic Moto Jacket


Pair this jacket with your favorite jeans, or throw this over an LBD for a holiday party. This jacket will be a great addition to your wardrobe.

Are you a girly girl and want a dress that will turn heads? If so, this metallic look is for you!

Metallic Dress

Metallic Dress


This Metallic Sequin Dress is perfect for the holiday time! It’s sleek and sexy!  You will have the entire party keeping their eyes on you all night. Grab this dress for your holiday or NYE party now!

Looking for footwear that will jazz up your outfit? Check out these Metallic Boots from Public Desire.

Metallic Ankle Boots



These boots will look great with an all-black look or denim outfit. Get these boots before they sell out!

Are you a fan of this metallic trend? We are just in love with metallics and can’t get enough of it. Would you wear any of these looks? If so, which would you rock? Let us know in the comments.


Written by: Tiffany Greene
Fashion Stylist/ Blogger

Fall Into Fashion


Hello Poshpeople!



I hope that you are enjoying your Labor Day weekend!  Yes, the summer is almost over, sad I know right? This summer went way too fast. The good thing about the summer ending is that it brings Fall Fashion. Fall brings cool temperatures, chunky sweaters, cute jackets, and boots.

Before you panic and try to rush and buy new clothes for the season, start shopping your closet first! This way you can save yourself from spending money, and you will discover gems you may already have.

Recently I posted another poll on my instastory to see if my followers wanted details on this perfect Fall Into Fashion look. 88% voted Yes for getting the full details on this look, so to all that voted thank you for your feedback! 


This outfit is a perfect transition into fall look. It mixes both seasons perfectly without much effort. Distressed denim has been on trend for a few seasons now and look great with almost anything. You can pair distressed denim with the most basic top, or an embellished top with lots of frills.

Not only is this look great for the season, but its also under $150! You can't beat that! Check out the full outfit details below.







The shorts worn in this look are sold out now, but you can find a similar pair here .















What do you think about this Fall into Fashion look? Would you rock this outfit this fall? Let us know in the comments.

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